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  • Snow Monkey


    The Snow Monkey is familiar with people for all over the world.
    Many foreiger guest visit Yamanouchi due to Snow Monkey.

    The wild monkey take Onsen, which is quite unique.

    The Jigokudani Yaen-koen (altitude 850 meters) is located in the Valley of Yokoyu River sourced from Shiga-Kogen of theJoshinetsu-Kogen National Park in northern part of Nagano prefecture.

    Summer season
    (generally between April – October)

    Start About8:30 End About17:00

    Winter season
    (generally between November – March)

    Start About9:00 End About16:00

    • *No fixed holidays, open 7days a week (Unexpected closure might happen due to the weather condition, the season and so on)
    • *The period of season and opening hour are guidelines. Please note that these are subject to change without notice.
    • *Monkeys’ behavior is irregular especially during autumn seasons.
    • *On the day of the opening hours I have announced in the top of the page.

    Admission Fee (consumption tax included)


    Single ticket 800yen
    Group ticket(20 more people) 680yen
    Annual Pass 5,000yen


    Single ticket 400yen
    Group ticket (20 more people) 340yen
    Annual Pass 2,500yen

    • *Adults are over 18 years old.
    • *A child is aged between 6-17 years old inclusive.
    • *A child aged below 6 is charge-free (must be accompanied with the guardian).
    • *Physical disability certification holder: Adult 400yen, Child 200yen.
    • *School group: Junior high and High school student300yen, Primary school student200yen.
    • *No senior discount.
    • *No combination use of any kinds of discounts.
    • *Valid period of annual pass is one year form the purchase date.

    From Shiga ichii Hotel to Snow Monkey park
    Take the Shuttle bus (bound for Yudanaka) from Ichinose bus stop and drop off at Jigokudani Yaen Koen. It takes 1 hour by bus.

    If you need more information, please access the link as below.


    URL: https://en.jigokudani-yaenkoen.co.jp/guide



    There is an exclusive SKI RENTAL in SHIGA ICHII HOTEL.
    We provide you with valuable ski gear with reasonable price for the guest who stay in my hotel.
    Please drop by Front Office to apply and payment if you want to rent ski gear.
    There is a rental counter next to Entrance Lobby right inside of main entrance.

    ※() is size that we offer
    ※Apply and payment at FrondDesk and Renting at Rental Counter.
    ※Both Adult and Kid are same price if it does not distinguish Adult and Kid.
    ※There is no Half Day Rent

    1 Day2 Day3 Dayover 4 Day
    SKI / POLE¥2500¥4500¥6500 +¥1000
    SKI (100cm~180cm)¥2000¥3500¥4800 +¥1000
    SKI BOOT (17cm~30cm) ¥1500¥2800¥3900 +¥800
    POLE¥500¥900¥1200 +¥200
    Adult¥3500¥6500¥9000 +¥2000
    Kid¥2500¥4500¥6500 +¥2000
    BOARD (110cm~160cm) ¥2000¥3500¥4800 +¥1000
    BOARD BOOT (20cm~30cm) ¥1500¥2800¥3890 +¥800
    FAN SKI (ADULT)¥3500¥6500¥9000 +¥2000
    SLED (1 DAY) ¥500
    WEAR Adult ¥2500¥4500¥7500 +¥1000
    WEAR Kid ¥1500¥2500¥3800 +¥500
    CAP (FREE SIZE)¥500¥900¥1200 +¥200
    GLOVE (FREE SIZE) ¥500 ¥900 ¥1200 +¥200
    GOOGLE (FREE SIZE) ¥500 ¥900 ¥1200 +¥200


    How about the best pole training in Shigakogen where the olympics and ski world cup were held??
    You can train at the Ichinose Family Ski Resort, Ichinose Diamond Ski Resort, Takamagahara Ski Resort, and Giant Ski Resort where you can access from hotel to those ski slopes.

    ~Attractiveness of Shigakogen Pole Area~
    The reason why people choose Shigakogen Pole Area.
    1. Lane selection that suitable for the level is possible.
    In Shigakogen, which has a vast site, 4 areas and 13 lanes with different levels of difficulty are available.
    By selecting a lane according to the player’s level and assignment from a wide variety of lanes, you can work our for more suitable training.

    2. Located in the center of Honshu, which available from beginning of Dec.
    It is easy to access to Shigakogen from Tokyo and Osaka and Kanazawa, and there are plenty of accommodation facilities.
    Besides, the snow quality are very well and it is supposed to be available from beginning of Dec, so the convenience of training is outstanding.

    3. Available from 1 person
    The feature is that it can be used not only by teams but also by individuals.
    Perfect for those who want to train privately without the teams’s convenience!! In addition, those who met on the day can apply as a team.
    Supports training with flexible usage services.

    For inquiry and application, please click here.



    Fun Kids park at Ichinose Diamond ski area.

    This is a ski slope for kids that set up in the Ichinose Diamond Ski Area.
    Experience winter sports easily and excitingly with the best memories of your family at Ichinose Rabbit Kids Park !!
    It is located in the center of the diamond slopes and close to rest areas and restaurants.
    You can rent new sports gear “Snow Drive” at the reception desk !!

    It is safe because it is inside of Ichinose Diamond Ski slope.
    A peaceful park where the staff’s older brother and sister watch over.
    Parents can enjoy it by sliding nearby because it is in the center of Ichinose Diamond Ski Slope.
    There is a rest area / restaurant “Restaurant Hi HAPPY” where has changing room and coin lockers nearby.

    Operation Hours
    Operation Period:: End of Dec to End of March
    Operation hours: 10:00 – 15:30 (Opening time may be delayed if it is heavy snow)
    ★Admission Fee: JPY500 per person
    ★Rental sled fee: JPY500
    ・No Time Li,it / Rental sled unlimited use
    ■For guest staying in Ichinose area, there is a discount available in cooperation with Ichinose Ryokan Association.
    Please ask staffs for details.



    Kitamura Snow School that belongs to SHIGA ICHII HOTEL !!!!
    In pursuit of the joy of sliding freely anywhere in accordance with situation of nature and further improvement !!
    We believe that basic skills are important, and we are trying to have lessons that you can learn while having fun so that you can connect to any slope and situation.
    We also have a fun course lessons for overnight stays and private lessons on the same day for hours.

    What is a course lesson ??
    Classes with a schedule of 2 to 4 days (there is also special schedule).
    Basically. it is supposed to be Local gathering and Local dissolution.
    Generally, we stay at SHIGA ICHII HOTEL and welcome you with various kind of menu from morning to night.
    You can take a lessons at other hotel as well.
    Classes are divided and lesson groups are determined according to individual skills.
    The basics of one class is up to 6 people (excluding new year holidays and consecutive holidays)
    Because each group concentrates and repeats practice according to the individual theme.
    We will support your technical know-how until you are satisfied on the snow or on your desk.
    It starts from morning with using the various slopes of Shigakogen depending on the situation.
    While taking a video. we will check it again at lunch time for research and night meetings.
    It creates a KSSS original chart with photos and make it the next reflection point.
    Feel the depth and fun of skiing.

    What is the lesson on the day ?
    You can start from your desired time in 30 min units from 1 hour to 4 hours.
    Private lesson is a basic, but we can accommodate groups of 3 peoples or more. You can also assist with video shooting and guide the slopes of Shigakogen. We will fully incorporate customer requests for sure.

    Reception Hours: 8:00~
    Reception Place: School counter at Shiga Ichii Hotel
    Class hours: 8:30 – 16:30 (Nighter 18:30 – 21:00)

    Please check here if you need more info.



    Back country ski that leave the slopes and slide through the snowy mountains of nature !
    Shigakogen has three courses, which open from End of Feb to May (Inquiry required) .
    Please do not forget to submit an entry notice before the skiing !!

    ① Kitashiga Ryuo Course
    A course from the summit of Mt. Yakebi to Kitashiga Ryuo !
    Proceed along the ridge route that was opened from Ryuo Ski Resort.
    This is a typical backcountry course in Shigakogen that will be opened after the completion of maintenance in middle of Feb.
    Please do not forget to submit an entry sheet to Okushigakogen Fourth Lift!!

    ② Kusatsu Onsen Tour Course
    A classic route that represents Shigakogen starting from Mt. Yokote, slide through the forest course of Shibutoge.
    Go down Kusatsu – town in Gunma via the ridge called “ant tower”.
    Do not forget to submit an entry sheet to Shibutoge Hotel !!

    ③ Yamaboku Tour Course
    From Kumanoyu Ski resort, you can go to Yamada Ranch Ski Resort, which appeared in the movie “Take me to Ski”.
    It slides 13km on the longest forest course in Japan (Takochi Course) from there.
    Do not forget to submit an entry sheet to Kumanoyu Patrol Center !!



    SNOW SHOE HIKING is Snow Mountain Hiking activity that use snow-shoe that is made to walk on the snow.
    Beginner also enjoy and the scenery that you have never seen attract you ^^
    For your security and safe, official guide with walk along with you.

    You can select total 5 courses of Snow Shoe Hiking!
    ① Nagaike Course
      Walk around Nature of Nagaike. It is easy for beginner, so it takes only
    half day.
      Walk on Nagaike where the silver world without a footprint spreads out, or the winter primeval forest around Nagaike.
      Price:Adult JPY4500・Kid JPY3500

    ② Asahiyama Course
      Hiking from Biwa Lake to Asahiyama mountain.
      A superb view course where you can enjoy the mountains of Shigakogen and the Hokushin Gotake from the summit!
      Price:Adult JPY5000・Kid JPY4000

    ③ Yakebitaiyama Course
      Over 2,000m above sea level, hiking through the heavy snowy field surrounded by the panoramic view of Yakabitaiyama. It is a course where you can also enjoy the snowy pond and rime!
      Price (included Lunch):Adult JPY8000・Kid JPY7000

    ④ Top of mountain of Mt. Yokote Course
      Superb view the can only be seen here! The most popular course to meet rime !
      Go to the summit of Mt. Yokote and the highest peak in Japan skiing area , and you can enjoy the lunch at the “The highest sea level bakery in Japan”
      Price (included lunch) :Adult JPY8000・Kid JPY7000

    ⑤ Mt. Higashidate Course
      Wacth the superb view from the top of the mountain, and after walking, lunch time with relax at the restaurant!
      Go to the summit station over 2,000m of Mt. Higashidate by Lift and walk up to the panoramic view of the mountains of Hokushin.
    Price (Included Lunch) :Adult JPY8000・Kid JPY7000

    For inquiry
    Shigakogen Nature Conservation Center
    Shigakogen Nature Conservation Center Shigakogen Hasuike Yamanouchimachi Shimotakaigun Nagano
    TEL: +81-269-34-2133 FAX: +81-269-34-2480
    ※The price is included Guide Fee, Snow Shoe, Snow Pole, Insurance.
    ※The minimum number of participant for each tour is 1 person.
    ※Please apply by 16:00 the day before you wish to participate.
    ※There is case that course content is subject to change without notice.
    Please apply after check-in in advance on the HP.



    SHIGAKOGEN is the largest and one of popular ski-resort in Japan.
    Recently, a lot of foreigner visitor visit and enjoy Ski-Circus in SHIGAKOGEN.
    You can enjoy 18 ski slopes and various kind of courses, which is 79 courses (NO.1 in Japan)
    Besides, the ski slope connect each other, so you can move other course with skiing^^

    SHIGA-ICHII HOTEL is located in Ichinose Area where is main area of SHIGAKOGEN.
    The nearest ski slope are Ichinose Family Ski Slope and Tanne no Mori Ski Slope that it takes only a few minutes by on foot from the hotel.
    It can access to Ichinose Diamond Ski Slope, Terakoya Ski Slope, Takamagahara Ski Sloepe, Yakebitaiyama Ski Slope, Oku-Shigakogen Ski Slope, Higashidateyama Ski Slope, Nishidateyama Ski Slope and Jyaiant Ski Slope from Ichinose Family Ski Slope with skiing.
    Besides, if you have ski lift ticket that cover whole area of shigakogen, you can experience all of ski slope~~


    Multi-day Pass)AdultSenior / StudentKid
    1 Day Pass¥5,500¥4,700 ¥2,700
    2 Day Pass ¥ 10,500 ¥ 8,900 ¥ 5,200
    3 Day Pass ¥ 15,500 ¥ 13,100 ¥ 7,700
    4 Day Pass ¥ 20,500 ¥ 17,300 ¥ 10,200
    5 Day Pass ¥ 25,500 ¥ 21,500 ¥ 12,700
    6 Day Pass ¥ 30,500 ¥ 25,700 ¥ 15,200
    7 Day Pass ¥ 35,500 ¥ 29,900 ¥ 17,700
    8 Day Pass ¥ 40,500 ¥ 38,300 ¥ 22,700
    9 Day Pass ¥ 50,500 ¥ 42,500 ¥25,200
  • レンタル料金表



    ※料金表示:宿泊者割引料金(一般定価 ※宿泊者以外)

      1日 2日 3日 4日以降
    (大人) 3,500 (4,500) 6,500 (8,000) 9,000 (11,000) +2,500
    (小人) 2,500 (3,000) 4,500 (5,500) 6,500 (7,500) +2,000
    板&ストック 2,500 (3,500) 4,500 (5,600) 7,000 (7,700) +1,000
    板のみ(100cm~180cm) 2,000 (2,800) 3,500 (4,500) 4,800 (6,000) +1,000
    スキーブーツ(17cm~30cm) 1,500 (2,000) 2,800 (3,500) 3,900 (4,600) +1,000
    ストック 500 (800) 900 (1,300) 1,200 (1,700) +200
    ボード2点セット(ボード・ブーツ) 3,500 (4,500) 6,500 (8,000) 9,000 (11,000) +2,000
    ボードのみ(110cm~160cm) 2,000 (3,000) 3,500 (4,500) 4,800 (5,800) +1,000
    ボードブーツ(20cm~30cm) 1,500 (2,000) 2,800 (3,500) 3,900 (4,600) +800
    子供用ソリ 1,000 1,500 2,000 +500

    600 (1,100)

    1,700 (2,000) 2,500 (2,700)  
    ウエアー (大人) 2,000 (2,500) 3,500 (4,500) 5,000 (6,000) +1,500
    (小人) 1,500 (2,000) 2,500 (3,500) 3,800 (4,700) +1,000
    帽子(大人フリーサイズ) 500 (800) 900 (1,400) 1,200 (1,800) +300
    手袋(大人フリーサイズ) 500 (800) 900 (1,400) 1,200 (1,800) +300
    ゴーグル(大人フリーサイズ) 500 (800) 900 (1,400) 1,200 (1,800) +300

  • 志賀高原ポールバーン