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How about the best pole training in Shigakogen where the olympics and ski world cup were held??
You can train at the Ichinose Family Ski Resort, Ichinose Diamond Ski Resort, Takamagahara Ski Resort, and Giant Ski Resort where you can access from hotel to those ski slopes.

~Attractiveness of Shigakogen Pole Area~
The reason why people choose Shigakogen Pole Area.
1. Lane selection that suitable for the level is possible.
In Shigakogen, which has a vast site, 4 areas and 13 lanes with different levels of difficulty are available.
By selecting a lane according to the player’s level and assignment from a wide variety of lanes, you can work our for more suitable training.

2. Located in the center of Honshu, which available from beginning of Dec.
It is easy to access to Shigakogen from Tokyo and Osaka and Kanazawa, and there are plenty of accommodation facilities.
Besides, the snow quality are very well and it is supposed to be available from beginning of Dec, so the convenience of training is outstanding.

3. Available from 1 person
The feature is that it can be used not only by teams but also by individuals.
Perfect for those who want to train privately without the teams’s convenience!! In addition, those who met on the day can apply as a team.
Supports training with flexible usage services.

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