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Shiga Ichii Hotel

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  • Explore The SHIGA ICHII HOTEL that is Memorialble place of your trip

Explore The SHIGA ICHII HOTEL that is Memorialble place of your trip

  • Guestroom
  • Guestroom
  • Guestroom
  • Guestroom


We have 50 rooms in total (42 Japanese Rooms / 8 Western Twin Rooms)
There are two type rooms which devide into OUTSIDE & INSIDE Room.
The differences is whether there is mountain view or not.

[ Description ]
Non-Smoking Room (All of Room) / Free Wi-Fi (All of Room) / Washlet Toilet (All of Room) / Private Bathroom (some rooms)

- Japanese Tatami Room -
Room Size / Capacity / # of rooms:
18m2 / 6 person / 26 Rooms
15m2 / 5 person / 8 Rooms
12m2 / 4 person / 9 Rooms

- Western Twin Room -
Room Size / Capacity / # of rooms:
9m2 / 2 person / 8 Rooms

  • Cuisine
  • Cuisine
  • Cuisine
  • Cuisine
  • Cuisine


We offer the mountain dishes with local ingredient from north part of Nagano.
Our two chefs cook creative and delicious meals for you.
We usually serve Buffet or Course Menu (*Course Menu depends on occupancy)
You can enjoy eating various kind of dishes such as Japanese, Chinese and Western.
We also prepare local Japanese Alchol like Japanese Sake, Shigakogen Beer etc.. and soft drink.
You can feel satisfied with our F&B and care your tired body after sightseeing by our F&B.

  • Onsen
  • Onsen
  • Onsen


SHIGA ICHII HOTEL offer the man-made hotspring, which is called "Togoal Onsen".
Togoal is produced in Tochiomata Onsen in Nigata prefecture, and it is new hotspring sysytem that has man-made hotspring phenomen that used by togoal warmtight.

[ Efficient ]
Neuralgia / Rheumatism / Back Pain / Stiff Neck / Bruise / Fatigue / Recovery from fatigue / Coldness / Shimonokeh


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    Dining Hall

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    Luggage Storage Room

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    Ski Locker

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