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SHIGAKOGEN is registered by UNESCO ECO PARK and Jyoshientsu National Park.
There are 17 trekking courses in Shigakogen and you can explore significant nature and alpine plant, animal etc…
I recommend 2 trekking courses that you can surely enjoy^^

「POND TOUR COURSE」is representative course of Shigakogen Trekking. The course tour the forest and lake of the primeval forest of sub-alpine conifers. There are a lot of view spots that scenery from summit of Mt. Maeyama, Maeyama Marshland, SHIBUIKE POND, SHIJYUHACHI POND, and Onumaike Lake where is final point of the course.

<2> Mt. Iwasuge Climbing Course
It is the hardest trekking course in Shigakogen and Summit is 2295m above sea level. It is the climbing course that has Mt. Higashidate Base and ARAITA Base.
You can observe Alpine Plant and experience trail in the primeval forest.
After reach the summit, you can enjoy looking at great mountain view.